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Floorboards that creak can be really annoying, but the good news is that it’s an easy fix. There’s a couple of options for fixing creaky floorboards, depending on their condition. If the floorboard is in good condition, simply take out the nails and screw it down using the existing nail holes. If it’s badly damaged, you’ll need to make new holes for the screws.


One of the more serious issues with floorboards, dry rot is best treated by a professional. You can identify dry rot by checking to see if the wood is dry and spongy as a result of the fibres breaking down.


Woodworm can cause a lot of damage to your floorboards - if you find a big infestation, it’s best to call in a specialist contractor. However, if you find the infestation in time you can treat it yourself. Woodworm holes are approximately 2mm in diameter. If you find pale dust around the edge of the hold, it’s a sign of recent activity that can be treated straight away.

1. Wearing protective gloves, lift the floorboards and pour timber    treatment into a pot.

2. Using a brush, apply the treatment to the underside of all floorboards    showing signs of woodworm.

3. Turn the boards over and brush the top side with treatment also.


1. Find which part of the floorboard is loose by walking over it.

2. Take the existing nails out with pincers.

3. If there are cables & pipes underneath the board, mark in pencil on the board where they are.

4. Drill a hole as near to the edge of the board as you can in an area that’s not damaged.

5. Put a screw in the hole and screw it down tightly. It should sit below the surface.

6. If it sits above, remove the nail, countersink the hole and screw it down again.

If the board still squeaks, try working talcum powder along the joint with a knife. After a while, the creaking should stop.