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How to level a Concrete Floor

When preparing to lay a new floor, it’s important that you make sure the surface underneath is level to ensure that defects don’t show through onto your new flooring and cause uneven wearing. If your concrete flooring doesn’t require repair, you can make sure that it is level by using a latex self-levelling compound. Make sure to repair any minor cracks or holes and then pour the compound onto the floor and trowel it until it’s smooth. If trowel marks are visible after a couple of minutes, make sure to smooth the compound again. Follow our quick and easy steps to leveling your concrete floor in the neatest way possible.

Step 1: Prepare to repair


Dampen any cracks or holes by brushing them with water, this prevents the filler from drying out too quickly and cracking.

Step 2: Repairing minor damage


Any large cracks or holes should be filled with a mix of sand and cement mortar. Treat smaller cracks or holes with the self-levelling compound, then smooth with a trowel before leaving it to harden. Once the floor has set, you can prepare it for the full application of compound by pouring a little water onto the floor and brushing it out to dampen the surface. Make sure that the area is damp, not flooded.

Step 3: Applying the compound


Mix the compound, then begin pouring it starting in the corner furthest from the door. Spread it around the floor to a thickness of around 3mm with a plasterer’s trowel. Make sure that you’re working quickly but carefully as the compound should set in around 15 minutes. After a few hours, you should be able to walk on the floor safely.