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How to lay Laminate flooring

Laying laminate flooring is quite simple nowadays, with many laminate flooring options now available in angle to angle or drop lock fitting systems. The ways boards fit or lock together vary slightly between manufacturers, so always check the instructions that come with your laminate flooring. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to lay your laminate flooring in a few simple steps:

Step 1: laying the first board


Lay the first board in the left-hand corner of the room, ensuring that your underlay has been fitted first. The short end of the board should be against the wall. Insert expansion spacers against the end of the board and at intervals along the wall, especially where the boards join.

Step 2: The next board


Lay the next board, making sure that they line up end-to-end and not side to side. As you lower the board, it should lock into place. Drop lock laminate flooring should give an audible click as you do this. Continue to the end of the row, you may have to cut a board to fit.

Step 3: The last board


Turn the last board 180 degrees and lay it next to the previous board - making sure that an expansion spacer is against the skirting board or wall. Draw a line across the board, level with the end of the previous one. Double check the fit, then cut to size.

Step 4: The next row


Angle the cut board against the first board of the previous row, with the cut end against the wall. Repeat along the row. For smaller rooms, you may want to consider slipping a whole row of boards together.

Step 5: The last row


Place your boards directly over the previous row, then use a third board to measure the distance between the spacers on the skirting board and the previous row. Mark this line with a pencil so you know where to measure and cut the boards for the last row.