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How To Fit Carpet Underlay

Laying underlay is an essential part of fitting a carpet. It not only helps your carpet to feel more comfortable underfoot, but can prevent your carpet from wearing too quickly and even keep the heat in your home saving you a costly energy bill!

If you’re not sure where to get started - never fear. Here’s our quick guide to using underlay in your home.

Firstly, you’ll need to sweep and vacuum your floors to ensure that they’re completely clear of dust and debris before you begin - you don’t want lumps when you’re finished!

Was the room previously carpeted? If so, have a check around for any nails or staples.

It might be inconvenient, but remove any doors in the room if you can, this means you won’t have to work around them.

Are you fitting the underlay on wooden floorboards? Make sure you also have an interliner - this will help to prevent problems such as drafts and stains from occurring.

Once the floor has been prepped, lay out your strips of underlay - they should overlap any carpet grippers you have but shouldn’t overlap each other.

Always lay out the underlay in the opposite direction to the floorboards.

If you’re using foam underlay, make sure this is with the backing facing upwards and the coloured film face-down to the floor.

Make sure that you cut pieces of underlay to fit into any recesses in the room including doorways.

Staple the underlay along the edges of the floor, but inside the carpet gripper.

Be careful not to leave any gaps between the pieces of underlay so it lies smooth underneath the carpet.

If you’re laying the underlay on a concrete floor, you may need to hold it in place with an adhesive (we recommend a spray adhesive).

Tape along the joins between each strip of underlay to make sure they don’t show underneath the carpet.

Trim off any edges that appear just inside the carpet gripper.

Admire your handywork - you’re ready to fit the carpet!

If you’re still looking for the right underlay for you, browse our full selection of underlay at Leader Floors and check out our range of flooring accessories to help you complete the job.