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How To Acclimatise Your Floor

Temperatures are constantly changing within a home; between the changing of the seasons and how often you like to click the heating on, your flooring is likely going to be exposed to vast changes in temperature over the course of a year.

Whether you’re installing your flooring in a space that undergoes extreme temperature changes such as the garage or a conservatory, or your flooringis going to be fitted in a social room such as the kitchen or living room, you need to know how to correctly install your flooring so that even the smallest expansion or contraction doesn’t cause a problem later on.

Before fitting, we always recommend acclimatising your flooring. It’s a really important step to make sure that your flooring doesn’t cause you any problems after it’s been fitted, but it’s also really simple to do! All you need to do is leave the flooring in the room you’re planning on installing it into let it adjust to the average temperature of the room.

Depending on the type of flooring you’re using, it’ll need different lengths of time to properly acclimatise. We’ve put together a table for your quick reference, so all you need to do is check the chart once your flooring arrives and let it stand for the recommended time!