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Your Guide to Engineered Wood Flooring

While every room in your home is susceptible to spills and splashes, the most at-risk rooms are naturally your bathroom and kitchen. Waterproofing these rooms is important for ensuring that you avoid problems such as leaks, damp, and mould. Of course, the simplest solution to this is to purchase waterproof flooring. We have plenty of flooring options that are 100% waterproof at Leader Floors. From luxury vinyl flooring such as Xonic by Krono Original to specialised laminate such as Impressive & Impressive Ultra by Quickstep.

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Here’s a few of our favourites:

Engineered wood flooring is really simple to install thanks to the click system. All you need to do is lie the planks where you need them and click them together, with no need for professional installation if you’re more of a DIY lover.

If you’re looking for a high quality flooring that won’t break the bank, engineered wood flooring is fantastic compromise from solid wood flooring. You get the look of solid wood flooring, but a higher performance at a lower cost.

While engineered wood flooring was once upon a time considered to be a poorer quality option to solid wood flooring, advances in modern technology means that engineered wood flooring is now extremely authentic looking - they’ll never even know it’s not real!

Wood flooring is usually fitted to high traffic areas of the home, from the living room to the hallway and even the kitchen. Using engineered flooring in these areas of your home guarantees you a long lasting flooring that can withstand heavy footfall without scratching or warping.

In the event that your engineered wood flooring does start looking a little tired, or becomes damaged or stained in any way, you can easily re-sand and refinish your flooring to restore it to looking as good as new! How many times you can do it depends on the thickness of the top layer, so always check with the manufacturer first.

The width of real wood flooring is dictated by the size of tree it's made from, but because engineered wood flooring is made from plywood, there’s much more flexibility in the width of the boards should you prefer to have fewer joins in your flooring.

While many wouldn’t consider this to be an advantage, having flooring that isn’t made of real wood can actually be much more beneficial than real wood flooring. Solid wood floors can expand and contract depending on the temperature and humidity of a room leaving cracks and warped boards, but engineered wood flooring can be fitted without worrying about the environment of a room, making it perfect for all kinds of rooms in your home including the kitchen and bathroom as well as the living room and hallways.

Engineered wood flooring is available in a huge range of different styles and finishes thanks to its versatile construction. You’ll be able to find engineered wood flooring in all kinds of wood effects and finishes depending on which you think will best suit your home.