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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is known to have several key properties which make it a great choice for Flooring. It's durable design makes it better suited to withstand the daily stress that comes from use in a residential space. Its also largely popular due to the low impact on the environment during sourcing and processing the bamboo, making it great for those aiming to be Green.


Bamboo's growth cycle is far shorter than traditional timber choices such as Oak which allows for a healthy recovery of felled timber at a much faster rate as it takes only roughly a third of the time for Bamboo to mature compared to that of Oak.

Tone & Grain

Bamboo due to its short growth cycle of a few years tends to develop very fine grain details which help  give it a distinctively different look compared to that of a traditional timber floor such as Oak. This combined with its generally lighter tones make Bamboo flooring the perfect Greener alternative to many engineered or other solid wood flooring types.


Bamboo is known to be one of the single strongest possible flooring materials currently popular within the market, this combined with its resistance to scratch damage and water damage make it increasingly useful in a variety of spaces including areas such as the kitchen or bathroom where sitting water could occur. To top of the versatile Bamboo most products have layers of protective coats applied helping it to have a brilliant lifespan with residential warranty up-to 25 years and commercial warranty up-to 15 years.

Should Bamboo not appeal to you we have several Solid or Engineered Real Wood options along with a wide variety of Laminate Flooring available to order.


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