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Flooring Accessories

Its important when making any purchase to make sure you can get the most out of it whether that be improving it visually or protecting it from the elements. At Leader Floors we work hard to bring you Accessories that match and suit as closely as possible along with advice on best choices for underlay etc which can vary from project to project.

Covering All Gaps

Any floor when fitted will approach the very edges of the room but isn't a perfect fit so it can allow for expansion during hotter temperatures, to avoid an unsightly gap around the edge of the room we provide colour match Skirting Board, Scotia Beading and a variety of Door Bars to help keep the transition smooth and consistent. We also stock some Pipe-roses to cover any gaps made for radiator pipes.

Underlay & Adhesive

The choice of Underlay can vary quite a lot depending on what the flooring is comprised of and what it is laid upon. From there you have to consider things like suitability for underfloor heating as well as resistance to moisture, or whether an adhesive is the best approach; some floors benefit from being glued down directly whereas others might float by its fitting mechanism. Basically there is a lot to consider so its best to ask and get the best advice which our Sales Team are happy to provide.

Keeping Things Clean

Cleaning your Flooring can seem a straight forward task but its important to consider the risk of damaging the material as composition can vary between different Flooring types. To assist with avoiding any damage we stock only the safest of cleaning products but if you're still unsure you can enquire with us for advice on the best pick for different types of Flooring.

Whichever way you choose to finish your Flooring we are here to assist you, our Sales Team are ready to answer your questions and will help you find exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking to add a little Decorative addition why not browse our Rugs collection for a finish touch to your Flooring project with Leader Floors.

Flooring Accessories