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Skirting board 01/04/2020
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Which laminate floor edging should you install?

It can be a tricky task deciding which edging you should finish off your laminate flooring with. Here at Leader Floors, we know everything that there is to possibly know about flooring and we’ve come up with this guide for you to help you decide which laminate floor edging option you should go with.  What flooring options are available?  Within our range of laminate accessories, you will find an emporium of flooring edging options to choose from. We like to keep you covered here at Leader Floors, that is why... Read More

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Turn the Heat Up in Your Home

Why put up with the cold and higher bills when you could insulate your home? here at Leader Floors we know how difficult a task it can seem to manage these things so we’d like to share with you a few suggestions to help you get the most out of any heating you use so you can avoid a nasty shock once the bills come around. Many of these tips are intended to help deal with the winter months but are great help too as we move to and away... Read More

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How to Stop Wooden Floors from Creating too Much Noise

Wooden flooring looks great and boasts outstanding durability, but we all know it can sometimes be unpleasantly noisy. Here are a few tips to help you solve this problem quickly and easily. – Wooden flooring comes with a timeless charm that makes it one of the most popular choices for homeowners across the UK. However, it can be a little hard on the ears, and perhaps even harder for those poor neighbours who live below you. But don’t worry, with these few tips you can enjoy your wood flooring as... Read More