13 Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Living Room

Over the past few years, wall panelling has made a huge resurgence in interior décor trends.  As well as being sustainable, hard-wearing and easy to maintain, wall panelling opens up a new world of design and offers different materials to play with. Now it’s time to get rid of the rollers and wallpaper and get panelling!

Does wall panelling make a room look bigger?

If you’re thinking about wall panelling your living room but you have a small space, you might have second thoughts – but there’s no need. Wall panelling can actually make your room look bigger. Add vertical panels to give the illusion of higher ceiling heights (we’ve got more tips and tricks for that later).

Panelling your walls can be an easy way to upgrade your space and elevate the overall aesthetic of your home, whether it’s adding in white or playing with colour, here’s 13 ways to panel your living room.

1. Panelling plus wallpaper

“Panelling AND wallpaper?! Why would anyone do that much work??” We hear you ask. But just think about how good it looks and how much you deserve to have a unique, comfortable home that suits you exactly and tell us a little more work isn’t worth it.

2. Add narrow panelling for a more contemporary feel

Narrow, tall panelling placed vertically on a wall can make your living room look a lot bigger if you’re trying to make more space. Painting narrow panelling white adds even more light to a room – as long as the curtains are open!

3. Panelling to frame artwork

Using panels that highlight your frames can help to give you a guide for your gallery. By using the panels as placement markers, you can evenly space your beloved artwork and make sure your walls don’t look too crowded.

4. Black panelling

Some people are afraid that darker panelling will suck all the light out of a room, but black panelling can work. If you’re using a wall as a place to display your favourite artworks or trinkets, then black is the perfect canvas to make your home shine.

5. Chimney-covering wall panels

Wallpapering over your old chimney is just so not chic. Even though it was popular to paste over unwanted chimneys a few years ago, now it can date your living room terribly. Opting for wall panels instead is a modern, fresh take on the chimney cover up.

6. Tall panels can make a room look bigger

Draw the eye up with panels that cover most of your walls. Perhaps better suited for people with generous windows (otherwise the big panels can make your windows look small) or tailor your panels to the size of the windows to highlight them!

7. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is the type of panelling that you could consider ‘traditional’. Usually halfway or more down a wall and more decorative than other types of wall panelling, wainscoting is great for people who love maximalism and a more traditional living room look.

8. Shiplap

From traditional to thoroughly modern. Using shiplap wall panelling is a cost-effective way of embracing the newest panelling trend. Think cottage core meets surfer: light, bright and cosy.

9. Don’t tile – panel

Instead of putting up decorative tiles in your living room, go for panelling. Whether you need an update on your chimney or if you’re thinking of using shiny tiles to reflect the light back, laminated panelling is easier and lighter to put up in your living room – plus it can help reflect more light off your laminate flooring and make your living room really sparkle.

10. Panelling as a shelf

Who needs shelves anyway? Get rid of a clutter of furniture by utilising all of your wall panelling to make some space for books, pictures or just a few little decorative items you love. Top tip: putting things on top of your panelling will draw the eye, so be careful!

11. Add pegs for rustic vibes

It’s all about using the space you have. If your living room is a little on the cosy side, mounting some pegs on your wall panelling uses up the space that would otherwise be left bare. This is also great for children to encourage them to keep your living room tidy.

12. Ceiling to floor for a modern look

Go big or go home! Highlight the vertical space you have by adding ceiling to floor panelling to your living room. As well as creating an impossibly elegant feel, the panelling can help insulate from noise if you’re having a midnight dance in the middle of your living room.

13. Create depth

Height is all well and good, but to really create the impression of a bigger living room, depth is key. Adding darker panelling to alcoves in your walls makes little nooks and crannies that trick the eye into seeing more space than you actually have. 

So what’re you waiting for?! Whether you’re going all out with ceiling to floor panels or just going for half a panelled living room – get panelling to give your living space the ultimate modern uplift. 

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