July 2021


How to Lay Parquet Flooring

Once extremely popular in the homes of the very wealthy, parquet flooring is a classic style of floors that complements almost any style of home decor. It sadly experienced a lull during the 20th century as styles such as laminate, vinyl, and carpet flooring saw a boom in popularity. However, as people are on the lookout for flooring that is unique but will also last a lifetime, parquet flooring is back in style! If you’re thinking of installing parquet floors in your home but don’t know where to begin, this... Read More


How to Lay Laminate Flooring

With a wide range of beautiful styles, laminate flooring is highly durable, much more cost-effective than real wood flooring and easy to install too. The beauty of a DIY installation is that not only will it save you money on fitters fees, but it’ll give you a great sense of pride too as you let everyone know that it was all your own work! Even if you’ve never laid flooring before, laminate is the perfect place to start and learn how. Unlike ceramic tiles, laminate flooring requires no grout, mortar... Read More


Making the Ultimate Dance Floor Hit

In a matter of weeks, clubs will be opening up again in the UK, meaning people will once more be able to enjoy dancing with their friends to their favourite songs on the dancefloor. With the music pumping, the drinks flowing and the laughs neverending, it’s no wonder why so many are eagerly anticipating the return of nightclubs. As experts within the flooring industry, we took it upon ourselves to find out which songs and artists are most popular on the dance floor by analysing every single Spotify playlist that... Read More