Which laminate floor edging should you install?

It can be a tricky task deciding which edging you should finish off your laminate flooring with. Here at Leader Floors, we know everything that there is to possibly know about flooring and we’ve come up with this guide for you to help you decide which laminate floor edging option you should go with. 

What flooring options are available? 

Within our range of laminate accessories, you will find an emporium of flooring edging options to choose from. We like to keep you covered here at Leader Floors, that is why we’re going to give you everything you need to know about laminate floor edging with tips and tricks that you can use around your home. 

Skirting Boards

Skirting boards cover the joint between the wall and the floor and are also known as baseboards. They can be used for a variety of things including decorative purposes and to hide any wiring that you may need to shield from view. 

The beauty with skirting boards is that you can use them to complement or contrast the flooring that you have chosen. Within the selection here at Leader Floors, we have hundreds of types for you to choose from including designs from quality brands Leader, Falquon Flooring and Quickstep.

Things to consider 

    • Height – The height of your skirting boards is something that you should consider before buying. How far the board comes up the wall may not feel like a big choice but it can make a difference to the look of a room. Here at Leader Floors, we start our flooring boards at a height of 40mm – this height suits spaces with shorter ceiling heights. The range spans up to 160mm so there are a lot of choices for you to consider. 
    • Who lives in your home – if you have young ones or dogs who may damage your boards then it could be wise not to invest in expensive options. If the likelihood of your puppy chewing the board to pieces or your little one drawing a masterpiece in permanent marker are high then browse through our affordable collection. 
  • Colours – When installing the skirting boards you need to consider two main thing – the colour of the wall and the colour of the laminate floor. If your living space is traditional then you could install white skirting boards which will give your home a clean aesthetic. Another design feature that you can add is adding a dark, richer coloured skirting board to a room with a light wall. This will create a framing like effect and look sophisticated and spacious. Another popular choice is to match the colour of your walls to your skirting boards as this will create a seamless look. 

Make installing your skirting boards easier 

Falquon Flooring has designed the perfect skirting board fastening clip for you to use whilst fitting your fixture. The clips keep the board to the wall whilst ensuring a sturdy fit and good news – you won’t need to use messy glue-down installations. 

Laminate Beading

Another edging option that you have is laminate beading which is also known as scotia beading. This is a decorative feature that should be added to skirting boards which you can not remove. It provides a functional finish and creates a professional look without removing your skirting boards. Scotia beading creates a smooth transition from the floor to the wall which will give your home that refined touch that it deserves. It is not essential to install laminate beading but it does give an added touch that will impress your guests. 

Stand out brands 

Here at Leader Floors, we like to provide you with the best brands available and when it comes to scotia beading there are two stand out designers which you should know about. 

Quickstep – With their range of laminate beading Quickstep have created a range which is diverse and a perfect colour match with their laminate flooring range. With each laminate scotia beading product by Quickstep, you will find the relevant code for the flooring to ensure that you find the right match. 

Leader – Okay, you caught us – but it’s true our laminate floor beading is one of the best around. Within our collection, you will find a flurry of different styles to suit your skirting boards and laminate flooring. The simple concave profile is designed to enhance both traditional and contemporary decors. Check out the wide range of laminate beading by Leader today. 

The price of laminate beading makes it an affordable upgrade that you should implement around your home. Here at Leader Floors, we want to make sure that you get just the right amount of material. There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you don’t have enough when a room is close to being finished. That is why we have created a comprehensive guide covering how to measure your room properly. 

Discover the extensive range of laminate flooring edging options available at Leader Floors today which includes functional and fashionable fixtures for you to install into your living space. If you are searching for laminate flooring then you can discover a whole range on our website which includes popular stand out collections such as Liberty Aurora and Kronotex Robusto Villa.

If you need any expert advice then you can call the Leader Floors team on 01429 241270 and one of our flooring experts will be able to guide you with any enquiry that you may have.

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