7 Key Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring


When redesigning your home, you’ll have to consider which flooring suits your renovations best. While each type of flooring we supply at Leader Floors offers its own unique benefits, solid wood flooring is in a league of its own.

Solid wood flooring is considered to be the most luxurious choice of flooring, offering an attractive finish and a permanence that other flooring can’t compare with, real wood flooring is a touch of quality and class that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

But why is real wood flooring so traditionally popular? We’ve put together a list of the key benefits of solid wood flooring to help you understand the unique benefits real wood flooring can offer your home.

  1. High Quality AppearanceHigh Quality Appearance
    Solid wood floors are one of the best looking floors available thanks to their natural properties. Made from real wood, this kind of flooring naturally offers a warm and timeless aesthetic no matter which style of wood you choose, and features the natural characteristics of the wood such as colour variation and knots that give a truly unique look to your flooring.
  2. Easy To Clean
    Real wood floors don’t naturally attract dust and dirt, so all you need to do is make sure that you top up the condition with a quick sweep or vacuum as part of your weekly cleaning routine and every few weeks give the floor a proper clean with a mop. Make sure that you thoroughly dry your solid wood flooring afterwards.
  3. Hardwearing
    Real wood floors are naturally strong and are finished to high standards that mean the flooring will last for generations – it’s one of the reasons that solid wood flooring is so popular! Wherever you’re thinking about fitting real wood flooring in your home, it’ll be able to withstand heavy footfall and activity. Thanks to this durability, your solid wood flooring will prove extremely long-lasting and give you fantastic value for money throughout its lifetime.
  4. Good Acoustics
    Some flooring can sound hollow when you walk over it, or can vibrate when there’s movement in the room – this not only takes away from the high quality flooring experience you may have been expecting, but can become more and more irritating over time. A solid wood floor will make sure that you never experience this hollow sound or vibrations, if properly installed.
  5. Increases Property Value
    Real wood flooring is highly sought after, and as such increases the value of your property. Installing a solid wood floor is likely to enable a faster sale and increase the price of the property when it comes to resale – plus real wood flooring will look impressive and make it even easier for prospective buyers to say yes!
  6. Less Allergens
    Just as real wood flooring doesn’t naturally attract dust, it doesn’t hold it either. Solid wood flooring is without fibres, lines or embossing that would usually trap allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens like a carpet or laminate flooring might. This means that real wood flooring is the best flooring choice for those who suffer from allergies as they contribute to a higher quality of air indoors.
  7. Easy to Install
    Built to ensure a consistent and sturdy fit, solid wood flooring should be easy to install for those that have a little floor fitting experience. The difficulty of installation will depend largely upon whether you choose a finished or unfinished wood floor, but the quality of real wood flooring ensures a similarly high quality fitting.

We offer a huge range of solid wood flooring at Leader Floors from some of our top flooring brands for you to choose from, manufactured from different kinds of wood including ever-popular oak wood flooring, rich walnut flooring and contemporary bamboo flooring.

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