The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring In Commercial Spaces

The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring In Commercial Spaces

Choosing the right flooring for your commercial space can be a tricky business. You need something that’s going to look impressive to your clients and customers but that can withstand high amounts of footfall so that all of your staff and clients can get along with their busy schedules without ruining your flooring in the process.

Many business want to give the impression that they’re the best of the best with a stylish real wood floor, but the pristine wood floor you fit could soon be showing your business up after a few weeks of being walked over by customers and staff alike – especially if heels are involved! High traffic areas such as entryways are notorious for being tough on flooring, so you’ll need to ensure that the flooring you choose is going to stay impressive throughout its lifetime. 

To ensure both professional style and longevity from their flooring, many businesses are now opting for engineered wood flooring in their commercial spaces. Fitting engineered wood flooring in areas such as entryways and hallways that naturally experience high volumes of footfall is proving vital to maintaining a high quality appearance when it comes to flooring. In addition to being extremely hard wearing, the solid layer atop engineered wood flooring can be sanded and re-finished to look as good as new; for high traffic areas such as commercial spaces, we would recommend doing this once every 10 years to extend the lifespan of the floor. 

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Professional Appearance

Engineered wood flooring looks to be made of authentic real wood. The truth is that only the top layer is 100% real wood, with the remaining layers being comprised of plywood beneath. This means that engineered wood flooring is much more equipped to withstand wear and tear that comes as part and parcel of being fitted in high traffic areas.

High Performance

Performance is key when it comes to flooring for commercial spaces. It’s necessary for the flooring to be able to withstands high levels of footfall without becoming warped or buckling underneath the weight over time. The problem with real wood flooring is that it’s extremely susceptible to changes in environment from footfall levels to changes in temperature and can damage easily compared to engineered wood flooring which is able to retain its condition under such environmental changes.

Budget Friendly

When planning a commercial space, you’re likely have a strict budget in mind for the cosmetics of the building. Flooring is essential, but what’s even more important is that you get flooring that doesn’t only look good but performs well for your business and your budget. Engineered wood flooring is less expensive than real wood flooring and will certainly be a more cost-effective solution when you consider longevity in the face of high volumes of traffic.

Simple To Maintain

Engineered wood flooring doesn’t require any special treatment. This means that once your engineered wood flooring is fitted, it can be cleaned easily on a day to day basis and as long as any spills are mopped up quickly, you shouldn’t have any problems maintaining the condition.

We recommend engineered wood flooring for any commercial space that requires a stylish, affordable and high performance flooring for high traffic areas. Why not take a look at our Liberty Floors range to discover a wide range of engineered wood flooring styles at Leader Floors.

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