Is Engineered Wood Flooring Good For High Traffic Areas?

If you’re looking for a new wood flooring for your home, you’ll need to consider how much traffic is passing over the flooring as well as the type of traffic. Hallways are likely to suffer from heavy footfall from shoes and scratching from pets, kitchen floors are probably going to have a few chairs scraped over them and more besides!

Wood flooring is an exciting prospect – stylish and able to add value to your home, it’s no wonder that it’s such as popular choice for the modern home. But consider how long you want your hard earned floors to last for – high traffic areas are notorious for being tough on flooring of all kinds, so you’ll need to make sure that your chosen wood flooring is up to the task.

Engineered wood flooring is quickly becoming the popular choice for those looking for both classic wood flooring style and longevity from their flooring. Hallways and other high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen or living room are always going to benefit from flooring that not only looks impressing but stays looking impressive throughout its lifetime and engineered flooring does just that.

Engineered Wood Flooring Style Benefits

Appearing just as though its made of real wood, engineered wood flooring is the perfect solution for those that are wanting the real wood effect but are concerned about scratches and dents that are so common in real wood flooring. The top layer of engineered wood flooring is 100% real wood and can be any kind of wood you prefer so you always get the real wood flooring look you’re interested in having.

Engineered Wood Flooring Performance

Not only does it look good, but engineered wood flooring also performs well too. It’s known for being extremely long lasting thanks to the layers of plywood beneath the real wood topper that makes it sturdy enough to not warp or buckle under pressure. Real wood flooring is notorious for becoming damaged following extreme changes in temperature and for accumulating surface damage, whereas engineered wood flooring retains its shape and condition.

Engineered Wood Flooring Performance

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Cost-Effective?

Engineered wood flooring is much cheaper than real wood flooring, and the performance can actually outlast real wood flooring in high traffic areas. This means that engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice for homeowners who have the budget to buy a long-lasting flooring but still require something cost-effective.

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Easy To Maintain?

High traffic areas usually mean that there are more people and pets to cause a mess. The good news is that engineered wood flooring not only holds its own against high amounts of footfall but it’s also easy to clean – as long as you mop up any spills in a timely fashion!

We’d certainly recommend engineered wood flooring for high traffic areas. Have you considered our Liberty Floors range? High quality and with excellent price points, Liberty Floors could be the perfect solution for your high traffic areas…

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