Choosing the best angle to lay your floor

choosing the best angle to lay your floor

You’ve got your perfect flooring and we know you really just want to get it down and installed, but stop! Don’t just throw caution to the wind and drop it anywhere and at any angle without first reading this.

From a technical point of view you can lay the flooring whatever direction you want, but you should really consider the impact that each direction will have on your room. Then decide on what impression you want your flooring to give.

lay perpendicular to light source

As a general rule, mostly concerning real wood and wood-effect boards, you should lay the boards perpendicular to your main light source. This will help you achieve the most attractive result as the direction of the light will help highlight the beautiful wood grain textures.

perpendicular to the most used entrance

If light is entering the room from several directions then we suggest laying the boards perpendicular to the most frequently used entrance. This will make your flooring especially impressive and give the illusion that your room is longer to anyone entering the room.

What can you do if none of these scenarios are applicable, then I guess you can throw all caution to the wind and lay your flooring however you want. Why not make things interesting, make a statement and lay your flooring at 45 degree angle!

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