What Size Rug Do I Need?

What size rug do i need

If you have a room with wood or wood effect flooring, chances are that you’ll be considering buying a rug to add a little more cosy comfort to the room. We’re big fans of rugs in all sorts of rooms from living rooms to bedrooms and even kitchens, but one of the most important considerations when buying a rug is what size rug do I need?

Rugs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit you, but aside from knowing the size of the room and what can practically fit in there, you’ll need to consider the impact that your chosen size of rug will have on the appearance of the room as a whole.

While you may be considering all types of different rugs for each room in your home, luckily there are some general tips for rug sizing in any kind of space:

sitting room rug1. Try to choose the biggest rug possible|
While you might be tempted to try a smaller rug at first, the fact is that if your rug is too small you’ll end up creating the appearance of a chopped up room that doesn’t really hold together stylistically. A larger rug pulls the look of a room together and doesn’t cause you any room sectioning woes.

2. Look for the bigger picture
Trying to arrange a rug around a particular place in your room can give you a closed perspective of how the room will look as a whole afterwards. To give yourself the chance to stand back and see what the room may look like, why not lay masking tape on the floor around where the rug will be and take a few steps back. Remember to view the ‘rug’ from every angle to make sure there’s no spaces in the room where it doesn’t quite fit.

3. Let your furniture guide you
The best way to figure out where your rug should be is to take a look at the furniture already standing in the room. Make sure that your rug is proportional to the room it’s in, and follows the dimensions of a room. For example, a large but long room would benefit most from a large rug oriented lengthwise.

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