Best Flooring for the Elderly

Flooring for the elderly

One of the most important considerations for the homes of elderly people is the flooring. It’s tantamount that their environment is safe in the event of a fall, and the right flooring can ensure that their landing is as safe as possible.

Wondering what is the best flooring for the elderly? We’ve put together some advice about flooring that would be best for the elderly to help you furnish them with the safest flooring possible.


Carpets are the most obvious choice of flooring due to their cushioning. Elderly people often suffer with the cold, so a carpet would make a great choice for insulating flooring that keeps the heat in and is comfortable underfoot. However, carpets are notorious for collecting dirt and dust and could therefore cause respiratory problems if they aren’t able to keep it hoovered regularly.


You may shy away from vinyl flooring at first as it can be slippy underfoot. However, there are ways to finish vinyl flooring that makes it non-slip and therefore safe for the unsteady to walk on. Vinyl is also extremely easy to clean, and offers stain and scratch resistant properties making it easy to maintain.


Try to avoid laminate flooring where possible. Laminate has very little traction and is therefore very easy to slip on. It’s also not very good at insulating, meaning that it can make a room colder – especially underfoot! However, if stability isn’t a concern, laminate is very easy to clean and maintain.

Rubber Flooring

Not often seen but a fantastic option for kitchens – rubber flooring is soft and slip resistant meaning stability won’t be an issue. Most importantly, rubber flooring is resistant to fire which means accidents in the kitchen are made that much safer.


Another great choice for areas that may see a lot of slips and spills, linoleum has anti-microbial properties which means microorganisms are killed before they can grow to be a problem for your flooring. Perfect for kitchens where spills may go unnoticed. You may also install padding underneath linoleum to make it softer underfoot.

The most important considerations when choosing flooring for the elderly are:

    • In the event of a fall, will the flooring be soft enough?
    • Can the flooring be easily cleaned?
  • Is the flooring water resistant?

While many elderly people are more than capable of looking after themselves at home, having the right flooring installed can offer peace of mind for both them and for family in the long-term.

Need some more advice about which flooring to choose for the elderly? Give us a call.

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