February 2018


Best Flooring for the Elderly

One of the most important considerations for the homes of elderly people is the flooring. It’s tantamount that their environment is safe in the event of a fall, and the right flooring can ensure that their landing is as safe as possible. Wondering what is the best flooring for the elderly? We’ve put together some advice about flooring that would be best for the elderly to help you furnish them with the safest flooring possible. Carpet Carpets are the most obvious choice of flooring due to their cushioning. Elderly people... Read More


The Best Flooring for Pet Owners

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, we’re sure that you’ve thought through adjustments to your home such as pet doors and where to put their bed, but have you considered which flooring might be best for you and your pets? While pets are a joy in many ways, they can be a bit of a burden on your home thanks to shedding fur, little accidents before they’re properly house trained and trailing in mud from the outdoors. Worried about your flooring yet? We’ve got a few notes on different... Read More