Our Top 7 Hygge Tips for Winter


Did you hear about Hygge? It was pretty impossible to miss the Danish trend when it emerged in full force last year. Before we knew it, everyone was on the design trend that puts feeling cosy at the fore of your home interior experience.

Of course Hygge isn’t all about what your home looks like. It’s a feeling of cosiness and contentment that’s directly influenced by the way you set your home up and live your life at home whether you’re in the midst of winter or just enjoying the cosy indoors on a rainy day.

Since we heard that Hygge mostly involves cardigans, hot chocolate, and snuggling up on the sofa, we got pretty interested, so we started looking at ways we can introduce Hygge into our homes this year – after all, the Danish tradition shows no signs of waning in popularity for its second winter in the hearts and homes of interior lovers worldwide.

Here’s a few great tips about how to invite Hygge into your home…

  1. Warm Things Up
    Whether you’re lighting a cosy fire, dotting a few candles about the room or simply turning up the heating – you’re not doing Hygge right if you’re shivering the night away. Create that warm and cosy vibe in your home and you’re well on your way to getting to the spirit of Hygge.
  1. Turn Down The Lights
    Sitting there with all the lightbulbs blazing isn’t the Hygge way either. Turn down that dimmer switch or do away with electric lights all together and rely on that cosy flickering candlelight to enjoy your Hygge night in.
  1. Soften Your Furnishings
    You can’t get cosy on cold hard flooring. Make sure that you’re getting the Hygge experience underfoot by investing in a cuddly and cosy shaggy rug to rest your feet on – warm and fluffy, a shaggy rug can be the perfect way to create a Hygge look as well as a Hygge feel in your home.
  1. Get The Kettle On
    Warm drinks aplenty are the order of the day for a Hygge home. Whether you’re a coffee fiend, don’t think you can do better than a cuppa, or think that a hot chocolate is the perfect way to relax, even if you think that a green tea qualifies as a cosy drink and not a punishment, you need to get the kettle on and get yourself the warm drink of your choice to cosy up with to really get the Hygge spirit going.
  1. Invite The Outdoors In
    Greenery isn’t for everyone, but if you’re anything like us and don’t have time to give a plant due care and attention, why not add natural materials to your home such as natural stone for the fireplace, or even solid wood flooring to really bring the outdoors in for a wholesome Hygge feeling.
  1. Rustle Up Something Tasty
    As we mentioned earlier, Hygge is a feeling, and one of the top ways the Danes recommend that we create that feeling is by sharing a home cooked meal with others. No complaints here. Get digging through the cookbooks for a cosy winter recipe and invite some friends or family round for a heartwarming dinner.
  1. De-Clutter
    Although Hygge undoubtedly means adding a few more things to the landscape of your home to create the feeling, that doesn’t mean that you should let clutter get on top of you. Clutter can make you feel stressed out and really get in the way of that cosy, relaxed Hygge feeling. So de-clutter, have a tidy up, then put your feet up and relax the Hygge way.

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