3 Reasons Why You Need a Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rugs have quickly become one of the most popular styles of rug to feature in a contemporary styled home. Comfortable and able to instantly create a cosy atmosphere in any room, shaggy rugs have become a design staple for anyone with a wood or wood effect floor no matter the season.

First becoming popular in the sixties, shaggy rugs were once viewed as outdated but are now once again popular as a retro furnishing with a fresh and modern new look. Shaggy rugs are known for their thick pile which gives them their shaggy appearance and comfortable feel, because of the thicker pile they’re quite a bold looking rug which means they’re best off in rooms that aren’t already furnished with busy patterns or wallpapers.

If you’re not convinced on a shaggy rug straight away, take a look at our top 3 reasons why you need a shaggy rug…


1. Comfy
Shaggy Rugs are the comfiest choice of rug, no competition. Their thick pile makes them super soft underfoot whether you’re simply walking over them or taking a seat. The thick pile also means that your shaggy rug is a nice warm place to stand in your room, especially if you have solid wood flooring that tends to get quite cold in winter.


2. Easy To Clean
While the thick pile of a shaggy rug undoubtedly collects more dirt and debris than a short pile rug, they’re so simple to clean! On a regular basis, you can simply give your shaggy rug a shake outside to get rid of any dirt or dust and every now and again you can give your shaggy rug a thorough clean with a hoover – however, make sure that your hoover is on a lower setting to protect it from over-shedding as this will cause it to lose it’s luxuriously soft feel. If you find that you keep getting really stubborn dirt stuck in your shaggy rug, it may be worth investing in a rug rake which should dislodge any and all problematic debris!

Design impact

3. Design Impact
Shaggy rugs aren’t one to blend in with the scenery; a shaggy rug is a retro statement that should take centre stage in your room. To ensure that your shaggy rug makes the biggest design impact, place it in a room with a wood floor and near furniture with a more muted appearance. Heavy patterns combined with a shaggy rug will overwhelm the look of a room and leave it looking a little chaotic – we’re going for a relaxed and plush look, so your shaggy rug will be best placed next to plain colours.

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