Flooring Trends for 2017

Flooring Trends 2017Every year, the amount of money being spent on flooring by homeowners increases. Whereas the demand for quality flooring that’s designed to last for years to come is still high, with homeowners looking to make an investment in their flooring, they’re also on the lookout for flooring that can offer their home a unique look.

In recent years, flooring has become a part of the redecoration process. In part, this is thanks to the availability of quality flooring at low prices, meaning that homeowners can invest in flooring that will last, but can also be changed depending on how they’re looking to style their rooms.

This has led to flooring becoming a ‘trendable’ commodity. Whereas before, homeowners would look for on trend wallpaper or paint colours, they’re also looking to find the most on-trend flooring for their redecoration projects.

We’ve been taking a look at the top flooring trends for 2017, so that if you’re thinking about redecorating your room, you can invest in the most up to date flooring styles.  


Dark Floorboards
Homeowners are opting for darker floors as it can bring a sense of elegance and warmth to home. Choosing a darker wood allows you to choose bold colours for your walls or furniture for a real contemporary look.


Blonde Wood Flooring
Whereas dark or mid-light flooring has been popular for many years now, the trends are turning back to blonde wood. Light wood can make your space look bigger, brighter and more open.


Brushed Finish
Bring out the texture in period properties by choosing flooring with a brushed finish. Brushed finish floorboards offer an authentic, more natural look than other finishes.


Grey Wood Floors
Grey furnishings and decor have been one of the most popular design trends of the past year or so. A neutral colour, grey flooring allows you to create a minimalist look for your home that’s perfect for a scandi style room.


Wide Wood Floors
Larger floorboards give a modern look to any room, and with many manufacturers turning towards creating even wider and longer floorboards, the likelihood is that this trend will continue for a long while yet!


Cork Flooring
One of the biggest flooring comebacks of the year, homeowners are looking for cork flooring thanks to its multitude of benefits. Resistant to bacteria and fungus due to its natural properties, cork flooring is a noise reducing and stylish solution that is now available in many more finishes and styles than in previous years.


Ceramic Floor Tiles
A popular choice this year, floor tiles are proving extremely durable as they are waterproof, stain resistant and available in a huge selection of colours, patterns and sizes for versatile interior styling.

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