November 2017


Flooring Trends for 2017

Every year, the amount of money being spent on flooring by homeowners increases. Whereas the demand for quality flooring that’s designed to last for years to come is still high, with homeowners looking to make an investment in their flooring, they’re also on the lookout for flooring that can offer their home a unique look. In recent years, flooring has become a part of the redecoration process. In part, this is thanks to the availability of quality flooring at low prices, meaning that homeowners can invest in flooring that will... Read More


Which Flooring Should I Use Around My Home?

Whether you’ve recently bought a new home or are simply looking to redecorate, deciding on the right flooring for your home will be a huge consideration. Flooring can change the whole look of a room, so of course style is an important aspect to think about, but you also need to know that your flooring can take the daily grind of people passing through your house, cope with changing temperatures in the home and handle a few accidental spills. If you’re unsure which flooring you should use in different rooms,... Read More