How to be a Good Neighbour

Do you live in a flat?

How often do you consider your neighbours?

If you’re thinking about changing the flooring in your flat, you may want to give them more consideration, especially if you’re living above someone else! One of the top complaints those living in a flat is that they can always hear their neighbours walking around above them. Chances are that those neighbours haven’t thought about what their flooring might be doing to those living below them.

Before you go ahead and choose your flooring, whether you’re considering your neighbours or not, you’ll need to check your building regulations to make sure that your choice of flooring doesn’t contradict the terms that were agreed in the sale or rental of your flat.

We know that carpets don’t always suit, and wood flooring can give your home a much more open and contemporary look which is important when working with a smaller space! You don’t want to have to compromise the style of your flat, but if you go ahead and put wood flooring down without a second thought, you could be giving your neighbours some serious headaches.

Noise complaints don’t make for good relationships with your neighbours, and more than this they can actually incur a penalty should you be found to be disrupting the building regulations – but when you’re living directly above someone, how can noise from flooring be avoided?

The good news is, there are ways to make your wood flooring more sound-proof.

The easiest solution is to furnish your flat with carpets as these dampen most day-to-day noise pollution for your downstairs neighbors. However, if you truly can’t stand having a carpet, we recommend buying rugs to cover the highest traffic areas of your home. A long rug for the hallway and smaller feature rugs for the living room spaces can go a long way to muffling the unwanted sound of footsteps.

One of the most popular choices of wood flooring for flats is engineered wood flooring. If you’re considering fitting out your flat with this flooring, or any other type of hard, wood effect flooring, we recommend that you choose a sound-proofing acoustic underlay to ensure that noise is reduced as much as possible for your neighbours.

We offer a selection of acoustic wood flooring underlays at Leader Floors, so once you’ve chosen which flooring you’d like from our collections, you’ll be able to fit your flooring for your flat and stay neighbour-friendly!

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