September 2017


LVT or Laminate: Which Flooring Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for an economical yet stylish flooring option, chances are that you’re deciding between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tile flooring (otherwise known as LVT.) They’re pretty similar types of flooring if we’re being honest, but there are a few key benefits to each that may persuade you in one direction or the other. Have a read through our quick guide to LVT or Laminate to help you make your decision. First things first… What is LVT Flooring? LVT flooring is constructed from multiple layers of vinyl. This means that’s... Read More


How to Choose the Best Bathroom Flooring

  Bathrooms can present a problem when it comes to decorating. No ordinary room, the bathroom must be able to withstand great amounts of humidity, moisture, and splashes. You’ll probably have to give more consideration to bathroom flooring than any other flooring in your home! There are a couple different types of flooring that you can use in the bathroom without worrying about short or long term damage. Laminate Flooring Most laminate has a basic resistance to moisture in terms of dealing with damp and humidity in the air. However,... Read More


How to be a Good Neighbour

Do you live in a flat? How often do you consider your neighbours? If you’re thinking about changing the flooring in your flat, you may want to give them more consideration, especially if you’re living above someone else! One of the top complaints those living in a flat is that they can always hear their neighbours walking around above them. Chances are that those neighbours haven’t thought about what their flooring might be doing to those living below them. Before you go ahead and choose your flooring, whether you’re considering... Read More