Why Choose Xonic Flooring?

Xonic flooring is a high quality range from flooring brand Krono Original, but why choose Xonic flooring?

Developed over a number of years with comprehensive testing, the Xonic range is a high-tech piece of flooring that outperforms other vinyl flooring in terms of durability, scratch-resistance and waterproofing.

Key Benefits of Xonic Flooring

    • Scratch-Resistant
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Fully Recyclable
    • Easily Fitted
  • Authentic Texture

The quality of Xonic flooring is carefully engineered. The collection strives to represent a new age of vinyl flooring that boasts all the advantages of synthetic material with the visual appeal of solid wood flooring. It stands out among competitors for its stability and durability, making it the perfect choice for intensive living areas such as hallways, kitchens and commercial settings.

Xonic flooring has a hard panel core that means the flooring is easy to install and offers remarkable stability throughout its use. The vinyl flooring is so rigid that there is no panel shrinkage, no telegraphing, and no moisture swelling, with a high thermal dimensional stability of up to 35 degrees.

Digitally Printed

Xonic flooring has set a new benchmark for vinyl flooring – using the latest in digital printing technology, the flooring offers natural 3D wood and tile appearance and offers up to 60 unique panels per design. This gives the flooring a very close to natural appearance and makes it perfect for large applications such as in commercial areas.

Unique Finishing
The finish of Xonic flooring offers a number of benefits, in addition to the durability of the actual vinyl material. The finish means that the Xonic boards are waterproof, comfortable underfoot (soft and warm), fitted with sound insulation for silent movement, protected against microscratches, resistant to stains and coated with an anti-bacterial formula.

Take a look at some of our best selling Xonic flooring below, or browse the full Krono Xonic flooring range at Leader Floors.

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