5 Ways to Bring Bamboo Into Your Home

Bamboo is a fantastic material to use in the modern home. Contemporary, sustainable and effortlessly stylish, bamboo is becoming one of the most popular materials used in interior design in 2017. So how can you bring bamboo into your home without it looking like a panda enclosure? We’ve put together a quick list of tips on how to bring bamboo into your home in stylish and trend conscious ways…

  • Fencing
    Adding bamboo fencing to your garden has long been a popular choice for those that love using their gardens as a social space. It immediately spirits you away from the humdrum of your suburban garden fence and create a fun, holiday feel that doesn’t skimp on the stylish element either. Section off a corner of the garden just for sitting and soaking up the atmosphere and add bamboo to your fencing in this area.
  • Flooring
    Bamboo flooring has become a popular choice for many reasons. Bamboo is known for being a strong material, meaning under the stress of household traffic, it’s durable, able to handle a few spills, and is really easy to clean and maintain. Add the fact that it’s a really sustainable material in there for the eco-conscious and you can easily understand why bamboo flooring makes a fantastic choice of flooring for your home.
  • Privacy Screen
    Perfect for open plan homes, why not create your very own bamboo privacy screen? Whether your home is oriental themed or you’re simply embracing a fresh and modern approach, bamboo privacy screens can be a quirky talking point of your interior design as well as a beautiful and functional addition to an open plan home.
  • Furniture
    There’s plenty of furniture around that’s either made from bamboo, or features bamboo in the design. We’ve seen bamboo chairs, sofas, bed frames and even cabinets and cupboards made from bamboo or making a design feature of the natural and modern looking material.
  • Decor
    Why not try choosing some bamboo accents around your home? Mirrors, picture frames, or even a simple bamboo plant can work wonders for brightening up and room and adding something a little unusual into the interior landscape of your home.

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