How to Protect Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a much improved flooring product that can be the perfect alternative to solid wood flooring. Durable, easy to fit and clean, laminate flooring can work in a number of rooms across your home from the hallways to your kitchen, living room, bathroom and even bedrooms! While laminate flooring is renowned for its long lasting qualities, some simple upkeep and protective precautions can stretch that longevity even further, so you get to spend your hard earned cash on something more exciting than replacing your flooring! Here are our top tips for protecting laminate flooring.

Attach felt pads to the bottom of lightweight furniture

Lightweight furniture is liable to slip around your floors at the slightest bump. To save sharp corners causing scratches on your flooring, felt pads will allow your furniture to glide safely without leaving any damage behind.

Lift furniture instead of dragging

A pet peeve of laminate flooring owners everywhere, your friends and family might be prone to dragging their furniture around without a second thought. Put your back into it and lift your furniture to avoid unsightly scratches on the floor. Too heavy? Try some felt or plastic discs underneath.

Carpets Runners & Rugs

If you know that a certain part of your laminate flooring is going to get a lot of footfall, consider placing a carpet runner or rug over the area to prevent scrapes and additional wear.

Welcome Mats

Apart from acting as a friendly greeting for friends and family, a welcome mat encourages people to wipe their feet, therefore reducing the risk of scratchy gravel or dirt making its mark on your laminate flooring.

Mop Regularly

Scratches aren’t the only type of damage you need to be wary of when it comes to laminate flooring, take care that liquids are mopped up before they have time to enter cracks and warp your flooring.  For a full range of floor cleaning products including our recommended Micro Fibre Mops, please click here.

Manicure Your Pets

By making sure that your pets have their nails clipped regularly, you can reduce the risk of accidental scratches on your flooring.

Watch the Humidity

Particularly humid or dry conditions don’t make for happy laminate floors. Too dry and your floor might shrink, but too humid and the flooring may expand and warp. Most homes operate at a happy medium, but if you’re aware of an unusual humidity situation in your home consider regulating it with a humidistat.

The key point to remember is that laminate is liable to scratch and warp if you don’t take the necessary precautions, but many of these apply to any type of home flooring you may choose. The higher quality the flooring, the better wear you’ll get out of it, and purchasing your laminate flooring from Leader Floors guarantees both quality and durability.

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