Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

Before you start browsing our selection of Leader Floors rugs, there are two considerations that you must take into account when making your choice. The aesthetic of a room is highly important, so you need to make sure that your choice of rug fits in well with the theme of your home and the style and design of your furniture so you have a sense of seamless continuation throughout your home. Next, you’ll need to consider the purpose of the rug – is it there for practicality only to provide a protective layer, or are you wanting to add a decorative piece to a particular room.


We first look at the style of the rug that would best suit your home. Unlike other flooring products, rugs can make use of some very interesting pattern and colour combinations or opt for something a little bit more straight forward.  If your home requires something in a modern design then contemporary rugs are the perfect choice for you, with a choice of plain or patterned designs, each contemporary rug can either blend perfectly into the background or stand out as a statement piece that lifts the mood of the room. Created in a wide palette of colours, your contemporary rug is sure to suit the aesthetic of your home and your own personality with the various aesthetic designs available.

However, if your home is full of ornate patterns and deep antique brasses, something from our collection of traditional rugs is the best choice for you. Our traditional rugs are designed to suit homes of high taste in a period or vintage style, perfect for lovers of the Victorian style or a taste of 1920’s glamour. Making use of intricate trails of contrasting colour and darker tones, these rugs are often sought for creating a cosy environment. These traditional rugs transform in look quite dramatically depending on the colour scheme so be sure to find something that compliments your home perfectly.

At Leader Floors we like to make sure that every taste is catered for, so if you’re into something a little more quirky with a flair for the unusual, take a look at our collection of retro rugs to find a unique pattern that harks back to the well-loved recent past. Ranging from pixelated designs of aliens to funky shapes, you can certain to find a pattern that expresses the older retro themes and they’re often available in vibrant or even retro colour schemes themselves! Be sure to check through the full collection to find something with enough of a quirky side for your home.


Rugs can add the perfect finishing touches to a home, turning a cold space into a warm cosy one, and no rug does this so well as a shaggy rug. Available in a vast selection of shapes, sizes and colours, a shaggy rug from Leader Floors is sure to cosy up any room. Best suited for the living room and bedroom, a shaggy rug is comfortable underfoot and sure to be loved by any little ones that like spending time on the floor! Snugly and well loved, the shaggy rug is a luxurious rug experience you need to treat yourself to today.

Browse our very own range of Leader Floors rugs manufactured by Forever Rugs, available in many great styles & colours, and transform your living space today!

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