Turn the Heat Up in Your Home

Why put up with the cold and higher bills when you could insulate your home? here at Leader Floors we know how difficult a task it can seem to manage these things so we’d like to share with you a few suggestions to help you get the most out of any heating you use so you can avoid a nasty shock once the bills come around. Many of these tips are intended to help deal with the winter months but are great help too as we move to and away from summer. We’ll cover a few decor choices and structural choices so there should be something everyone could try!


Carpets & Underlay

Often chosen for their décor and stylistic purposes, carpets are great at helping you insulate a home as the underlay used helps trap the heat so it can’t move out easily, this helps you feel warmer as any time spent on the floor, whether it be walking or sitting, will be much warmer to the touch than if you had flooring down. Obviously not every room is suitable to have a carpet, in these instances it is important to make sure a suitable underlay has been installed to help protect the floor, reduce sounds and perhaps most importantly keep everything insulated!

Got some flooring that is already down but lacking sufficient underlay? you could take the flooring up to lay underlay beneath it or possibly convert to a carpet to get the most insulation possible. If you do decide to stick with flooring we do have a great follow up idea!



For the rooms that don’t or otherwise couldn’t have carpets, we suggest rugs. Available in a multitude of decorative choices and colours, they’re easy to fit into a home’s theme and can offer similar more localised effects that a carpet would have – keeping things insulated in specific areas as needed by acting as a barrier between heat escaping and the cold getting! They’re also great for helping to deal with any potential drafts as they would disrupt the airflow at floor level, a use of a carpet runner or rug in a hallway can have a huge impact on insulation efforts between rooms.

Any efforts made to keep the home just that little be warmer can help greatly with keeping bills lower and more manageable so we hope you’ll make use of the above tips and more to keep things comfortable. Feel like we’ve missed something out? why not let us know below about your ideas for insulating the home.

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