How to Stop Wooden Floors from Creating too Much Noise

Wooden flooring looks great and boasts outstanding durability, but we all know it can sometimes be unpleasantly noisy. Here are a few tips to help you solve this problem quickly and easily.

Wooden flooring comes with a timeless charm that makes it one of the most popular choices for homeowners across the UK. However, it can be a little hard on the ears, and perhaps even harder for those poor neighbours who live below you. But don’t worry, with these few tips you can enjoy your wood flooring as much as ever, just quietly.

Consider Laying Rugs

What, you may well ask, is the point of having such beautiful wooden floors if you’re just going to put rugs all over them?  Well, indeed – but we are only talking about a few strategically placed rugs here and there.  All you want to do is muffle the sound in the areas that experience the most footfall. Putting mats in doorways, for example, would really cut down on that unwanted noise.

Make Sure You Install Underlay

OK, if you’ve already laid your wooden flooring, installing underlay might prove a bit more tricky. But you might still want to consider it – especially if you’re going to be staying put for a few years. Made of foam and/or plastic, and suitable underneath any floor except the bathroom, an underlay provides great insulation against noise. It might cost a little more time and money, but it could well be worth the effort. And even just laying it in those well-used locations – like hallways and landings – could make all the difference.

Try a Home Remedy

Simple remedies for creaky floorboards can work a treat. Take talcum powder for example. Sprinkling talcum powder over a creaking area and working the powder into any cracks with a broom or even the sole of your shoe can deaden any creaking noises you may be experiencing. For something a little more technical, use wood putty to patch any cracks that may be causing the noise.

Take Off Your Shoes

Though it’s something many people don’t think about, the simplest – not to mention cheapest – solution is simply to take off your shoes. All you need is a shoe rack next to the entrance, and make sure you have a few pairs of clean slippers for guests. And take extra care not to walk around in boots or high heels.

So there’s no need to give up your prized real wood flooring – just use these handy tips for a quieter life.

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