Why Consider Engineered Wood Flooring?

Deciding on a brand new floor doesn’t have to be painstaking task. Whether you are looking to replace your existing floor with a Laminate, Real Wood or another type of flooring make sure you know the benefits (and challenges!) that come with each.

Firstly we look at what makes Engineered Wood Flooring stand out from the other available options.

Engineered ‘vs’ Solid

When looking to replace your floor you may have come across the term “Real Wood Flooring”, which can seem confusing you if you’re unsure on what it means. In simple terms you have Solid Wood Flooring on one hand and Engineered Wood Flooring on the other, both with similar qualities but different in their own way. Solid Flooring is just as it seems, cut from one piece of timber and finished to the desired look ready to lay. Engineered however is put through a more synthetic manufacturing process to form its overall construction.

Composed from several layers of timber, pressed and glued together for the required thickness, it’s actually quite hard to differentiate between the two. These layers are usually made up of plywood or softwood lowering the cost but retaining the overall ‘solid’ feel. But how does Engineered Wood Flooring look exactly the same as Solid Wood Flooring? A question asked by many and the answer is simple, a solid wear layer.

Generally around 2 to 6mm thick, a wear layer is a thin covering of solid timber (usually oak) that is applied to the board layers completing the final look. This thin but solid sheet of real wood means it can be sanded and re-finished multiple times keeping your flooring looking brand new and at its best at all times.

Practicality & Affordability

With a cost effective construction almost cutting the price of a Solid Wood Flooring in half, Engineered Wood Flooring provides an affordable alternative with very similar qualities. More so, being suitable for use in damp or humid environments it is a great relief to know you can safely lay your Engineered Flooring without any worry of having to pay extra for replacement.


Our fantastic range of Engineered Wood Flooring will not disappoint. From the standard Tongue & Groove joint system to the quick and easy ‘Click’ System, Engineered Wood Flooring offers a simple and easy solution with a diverse selection of dimensions, finishes and materials.

This is why Leader Floors highly recommend you take a look through our Engineered Wood Flooring collection by Clicking Here, and why we are certain you will not be dissatisfied should you decide to make a purchase.

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