5 expert flooring tips from Marc Husband

Hello! I’m Marc Husband, an employee at Leader Floors, and I’m writing this blog to give you some of the must-not-forget tips if you are to get your new home flooring just right.

  1. Lay your floors for strength

By laying your floorboards perpendicular to your joist, you’ll maximise the strength of your floor and reduce the likelihood of any long term warping or separation.

  1. Make sure the floor surface is level

Don’t install wood flooring of any type until you’ve made sure the subfloor is level. Voids underneath the floorboards will leave you with a squeaky floor.

  1. If necessary lay a subfloor

If you intend to nail rather than glue your floor down, a subfloor will need to be laid. The floor’s total thickness – including the plywood – will need to be enough to receive the nails.

  1. Follow the directions for your adhesive

Different adhesive brands come with different drying times, making it necessary to glue your floor accordingly. By working in small sections, you can avoid any of your adhesive drying before you are able to cover it.

  1. Give your floor appropriate protection

When you are applying a stain to your wood floors, you should remember that it is there to give your wood colour or tone – it isn’t supposed to be protective. For the latter role, a further layer of polyurethane or protective coating will be necessary.

By taking these tips on board, we’re sure that you’ll be able to achieve the floor of your dreams!

Let us know how you get on in the comments section below.


  • Mark

    Thanks Marc! Appreciate the advice, I’m giving it a go tomorrow on my day off!

  • Domenica

    Hello Mark, I live on the first floor of a building have carpet at moment but will change for laminate flooring, I have to make sure my neighbour under me, is not nuisanced with the noise factor we will make when we walk on flooring, have been told to use sound proofed underlay, there are so many on the market, and would like an all rounder. Can you please advise.

    I want to buy your krono Olympus and have a 15 m2 room wondering how many packs I will need. Please advise