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7 Key Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

When redesigning your home, you’ll have to consider which flooring suits your renovations best. While each type of flooring we supply at Leader Floors offers its own unique benefits, solid wood flooring is in a league of its own. Solid wood flooring is considered to be the most luxurious choice of flooring, offering an attractive finish and a permanence that other flooring can’t compare with, real wood flooring is a touch of quality and class that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. But why is real wood... Read More


Best Selling Floors of 2018

We’ve had another great year helping you find the right flooring for your home here at Leader Floors, and while we’re preparing to do just the same in 2019 we thought it would be good to take a look back at our top selling floors of 2018 to help you get a feel for which floors have been a hit with our Leader Floors customers! Knowing that a certain type of flooring is best selling is the biggest recommendation you can get from fellow Leader Floors customers, so as you... Read More


Choosing the best angle to lay your floor

You’ve got your perfect flooring and we know you really just want to get it down and installed, but stop! Don’t just throw caution to the wind and drop it anywhere and at any angle without first reading this. From a technical point of view you can lay the flooring whatever direction you want, but you should really consider the impact that each direction will have on your room. Then decide on what impression you want your flooring to give. As a general rule, mostly concerning real wood and wood-effect... Read More


The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring In Commercial Spaces

Choosing the right flooring for your commercial space can be a tricky business. You need something that’s going to look impressive to your clients and customers but that can withstand high amounts of footfall so that all of your staff and clients can get along with their busy schedules without ruining your flooring in the process. Many business want to give the impression that they’re the best of the best with a stylish real wood floor, but the pristine wood floor you fit could soon be showing your business up... Read More


Is Engineered Wood Flooring Good For High Traffic Areas?

If you’re looking for a new wood flooring for your home, you’ll need to consider how much traffic is passing over the flooring as well as the type of traffic. Hallways are likely to suffer from heavy footfall from shoes and scratching from pets, kitchen floors are probably going to have a few chairs scraped over them and more besides! Wood flooring is an exciting prospect – stylish and able to add value to your home, it’s no wonder that it’s such as popular choice for the modern home. But... Read More


Introducing the Eminence & Jive collection

New to Leader Floors, the Eminence and Jive collections are the brand new engineered oak flooring ranges slotting right into the our existing Liberty Floors brand. With four gorgeous colours to choose from, the only trouble you will have is picking your favourite one! The Eminence Collection First up is the elegant and stylish Eminence Natural Matt Laquered Oak, which is the most traditional, offering a sleek lacquered finish with natural detailing which will suit any style of decor. Now we have the Eminence Brandy Matt Lacquered Oak, with a... Read More


Best Flooring for the Elderly

One of the most important considerations for the homes of elderly people is the flooring. It’s tantamount that their environment is safe in the event of a fall, and the right flooring can ensure that their landing is as safe as possible. Wondering what is the best flooring for the elderly? We’ve put together some advice about flooring that would be best for the elderly to help you furnish them with the safest flooring possible. Carpet Carpets are the most obvious choice of flooring due to their cushioning. Elderly people... Read More


What Size Rug Do I Need?

If you have a room with wood or wood effect flooring, chances are that you’ll be considering buying a rug to add a little more cosy comfort to the room. We’re big fans of rugs in all sorts of rooms from living rooms to bedrooms and even kitchens, but one of the most important considerations when buying a rug is what size rug do I need? Rugs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit you, but aside from knowing the size of the room and what can... Read More


The Best Flooring for Pet Owners

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, we’re sure that you’ve thought through adjustments to your home such as pet doors and where to put their bed, but have you considered which flooring might be best for you and your pets? While pets are a joy in many ways, they can be a bit of a burden on your home thanks to shedding fur, little accidents before they’re properly house trained and trailing in mud from the outdoors. Worried about your flooring yet? We’ve got a few notes on different... Read More


What Is A Thick Pile Rug?

Thick pile rugs are one of the most luxurious flooring accessories we can think of. What better choice of rug for making your home cosy in an instant? We love thick pile rugs here at Leader Floors, and whether you call them long pile rugs, thick pile rugs or even just shaggy rugs, we’ve put together as much information as possible about what a thick pile rug is, where to place them in your home, and how to clean them. What Is A Thick Pile Rug? The pile of a... Read More