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How to fix squeaky floors

Creaking and squeaky floors are nothing short of annoying. They can disturb your neighbours, wake up your children, and, depending on the creak, can mean there is hidden damage in your floors. Wood flooring is the most prone to the odd squeaky floorboard but homes with laminate flooring can also suffer. But once you work out what is causing the problem, the solution is (usually) quick and easy and will bring peace and quiet back to your home once more. What causes squeaks in floors? There are a number of... Read More


Coming soon: Limited Edition Children’s Vinyl Flooring Games

While picking out flooring can be one of the most exciting parts of redecorating, it’s not exactly a thrilling process for children – enter our new collection of children’s vinyl flooring. Designed with your kids’ enjoyment in mind, this range of vinyl flooring is the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom. The fun flooring designs are based on some of the most beloved and well-known games from childhood and make for a range of nostalgic games that make flooring fun again! Read on for some cool kids rooms decorating... Read More


How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring can be an amazing addition to your home, looking and feeling much like real hardwood floors but at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, you can’t care for laminate floors the same way you would their hardwood brethren. Here are our top tips and tricks on the best way to clean laminate floors to make sure they stay pristine for years to come.  The Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors Laminate floors look great but can be tricky to clean without causing damage. With improper care they can... Read More


How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular and durable floor types around, being both designed to withstand wear and tear and waterproof. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s also easy to maintain and clean! If you’re not sure how to take care of your vinyl planks or tiles on a daily basis, or need to get rid of some more stubborn stains, read this guide to learn the best ways to clean vinyl flooring. What is the best thing to clean vinyl floors with? On a... Read More


How to Lay Parquet Flooring

Once extremely popular in the homes of the very wealthy, parquet flooring is a classic style of floors that complements almost any style of home decor. It sadly experienced a lull during the 20th century as styles such as laminate, vinyl, and carpet flooring saw a boom in popularity. However, as people are on the lookout for flooring that is unique but will also last a lifetime, parquet flooring is back in style! If you’re thinking of installing parquet floors in your home but don’t know where to begin, this... Read More


How to Lay Laminate Flooring

With a wide range of beautiful styles, laminate flooring is highly durable, much more cost-effective than real wood flooring and easy to install too. The beauty of a DIY installation is that not only will it save you money on fitters fees, but it’ll give you a great sense of pride too as you let everyone know that it was all your own work! Even if you’ve never laid flooring before, laminate is the perfect place to start and learn how. Unlike ceramic tiles, laminate flooring requires no grout, mortar... Read More


Making the Ultimate Dance Floor Hit

In a matter of weeks, clubs will be opening up again in the UK, meaning people will once more be able to enjoy dancing with their friends to their favourite songs on the dancefloor. With the music pumping, the drinks flowing and the laughs neverending, it’s no wonder why so many are eagerly anticipating the return of nightclubs. As experts within the flooring industry, we took it upon ourselves to find out which songs and artists are most popular on the dance floor by analysing every single Spotify playlist that... Read More


How to Clean Wood Floors

Nothing beats the look and feel of a beautiful, well-maintained wooden floor. Whether it’s old flooring or something more modern, the natural look of a wooden floor will add warmth and character to your home. Aesthetically pleasing, hard-wearing and just improves with age, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice. But, it’s important to make sure your wooden floor is cleaned and maintained properly on a regular basis for it to retain its original beauty.  We understand that figuring out the best way to clean wooden floors... Read More


7 Key Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

  When redesigning your home, you’ll have to consider which flooring suits your renovations best. While each type of flooring we supply at Leader Floors offers its own unique benefits, solid wood flooring is in a league of its own. Solid wood flooring is considered to be the most luxurious choice of flooring, offering an attractive finish and a permanence that other flooring can’t compare with, real wood flooring is a touch of quality and class that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. But why is real... Read More


Best Selling Floors of 2018

We’ve had another great year helping you find the right flooring for your home here at Leader Floors, and while we’re preparing to do just the same in 2019 we thought it would be good to take a look back at our top selling floors of 2018 to help you get a feel for which floors have been a hit with our Leader Floors customers! Knowing that a certain type of flooring is best selling is the biggest recommendation you can get from fellow Leader Floors customers, so as you... Read More