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Living room ideas to inspire you

New year, new… living room? Our living rooms are called that for a reason, we really do spend most of our lives in them! Whether we are watching TV or chatting with friends, the living room is a place where we are at our most ‘us’.  For 2022, learning how to design your living room so it suits who you are and to go into the new year full of living room ideas, here’s 17 to get you started. Try out wall panelling Wall panelling your living room is the... Read More

11 Grey Living Room Ideas

A grey living room is like a blank canvas, you can make your own choices and really design a room with depth, character and warmth. Rather than the traditional white or off-white tones that most people opt for, grey represents possibilities, a palette to grow from and a modern way of decorating your interiors.  But grey isn’t for everyone and some people can struggle when it comes to coming up with ideas for your grey living room – worry no more! We are here to help with 11 ideas for... Read More

7 Country Living Room Ideas

Long gone are the days when country living was only associated with traditional florals, farmhouse-style furniture, and knitted blankets. Inspired by rural living and farmhouse homes, country style interior design is a popular trend that can work for all kinds of different homes and is a timeless style choice  The key to achieving the perfect country-inspired décor is all about the balance between old and new. Paying homage to the traditional, without becoming kitsch, and feeling contemporary without looking too modern. One of the best parts about country living room... Read More

12 Living Room Ideas On A Budget

Just because you’re working with a limited budget, doesn’t mean you can’t make your living room more cozy. Whether you prefer pure minimalism or a shabby chic look, here are our 12 ideas for decorating living rooms at a budget that are perfect for even the smallest spaces. 1. Step back and rearrange your furniture It may sound obvious, but if you’re restricting yourself to only a few purchases, make them count. Before getting your card out, carefully review your current living room layout. What can you move, declutter, or... Read More

13 Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Living Room

Over the past few years, wall panelling has made a huge resurgence in interior décor trends.  As well as being sustainable, hard-wearing and easy to maintain, wall panelling opens up a new world of design and offers different materials to play with. Now it’s time to get rid of the rollers and wallpaper and get panelling! Does wall panelling make a room look bigger? If you’re thinking about wall panelling your living room but you have a small space, you might have second thoughts – but there’s no need. Wall... Read More

How To Lay Herringbone Laminate Flooring

If you’ve taken on the task of laying your laminate flooring in the classic herringbone style, there is a lot to consider before you start. The popular flooring design is intricate and suits any decor style, but at first glance it can feel like quite the undertaking. Is It Difficult to Lay Herringbone Flooring? Although it may look difficult, it can actually be easier than you think, with the right tools and know-how. If you’re wondering how, below you’ll find all the tips and steps you’ll need to complete the... Read More

How to Fix Squeaky Floors

Creaking and squeaky floors are nothing short of annoying. They can disturb your neighbours, wake up your children, and, depending on the creak, can mean there is hidden damage in your floors. Wood flooring is the most prone to the odd squeaky floorboard but homes with laminate flooring can also suffer. But once you work out what is causing the problem, the solution is (usually) quick and easy and will bring peace and quiet back to your home once more. What causes squeaks in floors? There are a number of... Read More

Ultimate Guide On How To Lay Laminate Flooring

There are a plethora of reasons to choose laminate flooring for your home. From the scratch resistance and durability to the easy-to-clean and hygienic element, it’s a choice that many people are taking when updating their interiors. It can be relatively simple to lay your own floors with the right tools and tips and here at Leader Floors, we aim to provide you with beautiful, hard-wearing laminate flooring and make the process of installing it stress-free. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to lay laminate flooring. Where... Read More

How To Lay Laminate on Concrete

It can be difficult to know where to start when laying laminate flooring on concrete, from how to lay laminate flooring on uneven concrete to what underlay should be used for laying laminate flooring on concrete.  To help you with all of the important considerations you’ll need to know, we’ve created this simple guide on how to laminate flooring on concrete so that you can be confident that your flooring will last for many years to come. What To Consider Your flooring will need to be acclimatised for 48 hours.... Read More

How To Lay Laminate in a Hallway

From which way you lay laminate flooring in a hallway to figuring out whether you need to stagger laminate flooring in a hallway, the prospect of taking on this particular DIY project can be daunting. The shape and size of your hallway will determine how you proceed so tackling the job will be different depending on whether you’ve got a narrow space to lay your flooring, an ‘L-shaped’ hallway, or if your laminate is being continued from a room such as your living room.  If you’ve now got more questions... Read More