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Adore Touch Installation & Maintenance Guide

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Before You Begin

  1. Do not transport, drop or store boxes on sides or ends and acclimatize unopened boxes to room temperature for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation in a temperature controlled environment between 65° (18° C) and 85° F (28° C).
  2. Check that all flooring boxes are labeled with identical batch numbers
  3. Prepare tools (utility knife, straight edge, measuring tape, shears/snips (to cut around irregularly shaped objects)
  4. Check enough flooring material is on hand to complete installation and include an additional 10% for mistakes, trimming and future needs. additional material requirements may vary with room size and layout

Subfloor Preparation

  1. Subfloor surface must be smooth, flat, dry, clean and rigid
  2. Imperfections measuring greater than 0.25" (6mm) should be repaired by sanding bumps or ridges or filling voids with Portland-based patching compounds
  3. Radiant heated subfloors should not exceed 84° F (28° C)

Adore Touch Installation GuideInstallation

  1. Remove any existing base molding and/or skirting and undercut door frames so planks can slide under the jambs.
  2. Lay the first row with the extended tongue side (fig. A) facing towards the wall with minimum gap of 1/8" (3mm) up to 3/8" (9mm)
  3. Interlock short ends by inserting the tongue side into the groove at an approximate angle of 20°. properly locked planks will have a near seamless appearance & are not easily pulled apart.
  4. Ensure the first row is straight by using a spare plank to align the seam (fig. B). this is essential for a secure installation & straightness in successive rows
  5. Planks can be cut with a straight edge and utility knife. simply line up the straight edge, score the plank until you have penetrated the clear wear layer, and snap
  6. Begin laying the second row by inserting the long tongue edge into the long groove edge of the first row at approximately 20° until fully inserted and then drop flat to the floor (fig C & D)
  7. When laying subsequent rows, it is essential to stagger joints to insure planks are adequately locked together and to achieve a random appearance in the flooring (fig E). we suggest using the cut end of the last plank of the first row as first plank of the second row. appearance can be altered to suit your taste.
  8. In order to lay the next plank, lock the short ends with the long edges slightly apart (fig F) taking care to assure the lock is solid and the seam is even
  9. Carefully lift the plank to a 20° angle and lock the long edge by sliding the tongue into the groove edge (fig G). properly installed planks will have a minimal visible seam
  10. Continue installing second row in the same fashion and cut the final plank of the row taking care to leave the same approximate gap between the plank and the wall


  1. Enquire about adore cleaning kits for best results, otherwise use only neutral pH cleaners and disinfectants
  2. Remove spills as soon as possible and rinse with clean, warm water - no flooring product is impervious to every chemical, solvent, etc.
  3. Avoid rubber and petroleum-based products - tyres, castors, floor mats, asphalt sealers, etc. - which may contain chemicals that can permanently stain the flooring
  4. Fit doormats to avoid up to 80% of tracked-in dirt, grit and debris.
  5. Always avoid flooding the surface with detergent solution or rinsing water, and always take care to remove liquids from the surface. failure to do so may result in a hazy apperance as detergent or soil from rinse water may be redeposited on the surface.